Myths & Maidens
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Myths & Maidens

We are currently serving the Magickal community from our retail store in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Our store areas include:
Crystals and Gemstones: A large selection of points, spheres, clusters, geodes and fossils and many types of tumbled stones.
Candles: Various colors in taper, pillar, chime, altar and shaped.
Incense: Sticks, cones and almost 170 different types of loose herbs and resins. Smudge sticks and smudge pots. Tarot and pendulums. Wide variety of tarot and oracle cards - more than 80 different decks in stock.
Jewelry: Pendants, rings, chains.
Magickal Supplies: Cauldrons, hand crafted Wands, athames, crushers, parchment, chalices, spell kits, Goddess sculptures, all sizes of velour bags, fully lined velvet capes, resins, herbs and our exclusive Books of Shadows (Leather).
Figurines: Fairies, Wizards, Dragons and Gargoyles.
Books: A growing selection. More than 700 titles in stock.
Oils: A large selection of essential and blended oils.
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(603) 867-8465
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189 Kelley Street